International Seminar on “Issues and Perspectives in Global Aviation Industry”
Celebrating the 26th ATRS World Conference in Kobe

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Date / Time Thu, Jun 29,2023 14:00~17:00
Venue Bellesalle Onarimon Tower (and Online (with English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation))
Theme 【Opening Remarks】
SHUKURI Masafumi
Chairman, Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute (JTTRI)

【Greetings from Guest of Honor】
KUBOTA Masaharu
Director-General, Civil Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportand and Tourism

【Keynote Speech】
“Perspectives on the global aviation industry influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic”(tentative)
Tae H. Oum
ATRS Founding President / Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia (UBC)

On related research programs of JTTRI, such as “CO2 reduction measures in the aviation sector”
Distinguished Research Fellow/Director General for Research, JTTRI

【Panel Discussion】 
Tae H. Oum
ATRS Founding President / Professor Emeritus,UBC

Martin Dresner
ATRS Chair / Professor, University of Maryland

Anming Zhang
ATRS President / Professor, UBC

OHASHI Hiroshi
Vice President, The University of Tokyo

Professor,School of Environment and Society,Tokyo Institute of Technology

President for Research, JTTRI

【Closing Remarks】
KAIYA Atsushi
Distinguished Research Fellow/Secretary General, JTTRI

Event Summary

The upcoming 26th Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) World Conference will be held on July 1–4, 2023 in Kobe, Japan, to discuss important and eminent issues that the global aviation industry faces. The issues include measures to rehabilitate the aviation industry, which is severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, as well as measures to decarbonize the aviation sector.
Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute (JTTRI) takes this opportunity to invite Tae H. Oum (Founding President), Martin Dresner (Chair), and Anming Zhang (President) from ATRS as well as Japanese professionals to participate in this seminar. The seminar is planned for discussing the issues in the global aviation industry arising due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the measures toward mitigating them, and the mid-term perspectives on the changes in partnerships among businesses and their sphere of influence. The participants are also encouraged to respond against decarbonization. The discussion includes the following potential topics:

●Outlook on the future competition among aviation businesses after the COVID-19 pandemic/relationship between the Full-service carrier and Low-cost carrier
●Relationship between the European and Asian aviation businesses/relationship between the Asian aviation businesses and the Asian internal market
●Issues and expectations of relevant policies
●Effects of decarbonization on competition and sphere of influence of aviation businesses