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A Rapidly Changing Post Pandemic World Order and the New Japan-U.S. Relationship Hereafter

JTTRI-JITTI Global Seminar Series

  • Symposium etc.
The 17th JTTRI-KOTI Joint Seminar
~ Carbon Neutrality and Digital Transformation in Transport ~
  • International Activities
  • Cooperation
  • Integrated Transport, Arterial Transport, Urban Transport
The Latest Trends in UAS Policy in the United States, Edition 2022
– Initiatives to ensure safety in beyond visual line-of-sight operations and to share airspace with traditional aircrafts -

The 152nd Transport Policy Colloquium Washington Report XVI

  • Colloquium
  • Aviation and Airport
Current Status and Future Prospects of the U.S. Aviation Industry/ Advanced Efforts to Improve the Customer Experience at U.S. and European Airports

The 151st Transport Policy Colloquium -Washington Report ⅩⅤ(Online)

※Language : Japanese

  • Colloquium
JTTRI-AIRO Opening Commemorative Symposium
ASEANʼs Logistics amid Turbulent Times
~The Current State and Challenges of Logistics in the ASEAN Region with a Focus on Thailand ~(Part 1)

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  • Symposium etc.
  • International Activities
  • Logistics
Environmental Changes Surrounding Urban Railroads in the U.S. and Strategies for Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic

The 150th Transport Policy Colloquium -Washington Report XIV (Online)

※Language : Japanese

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  • Colloquium
  • Railways and Railway and Area Development

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