JTTRI (Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute)

The Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute (JTTRI) is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1968 as an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Transport (now Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) with the support of government, industry and academia. For over 50 years since its foundation, JTTRI has contributed to the development of the administration, business, and industries of transport and tourism and the progress of academic research in these fields, through surveys and research, policy proposals, holding of seminars and symposiums, dissemination and provision of information on important issues of the time, consulting business (entrusted research), and publishing of books, while maintaining close relations with the Japanese government, transport and tourism industries, and academic societies.

Our Missions

As conditions in the world rapidly become more fluid, we face increasing uncertainty. In particular, the environment surrounding the economy and society is changing drastically due to the progress of digital technology, the current COVID-19 pandemic, etc. JTTRI is always aware of the purpose for which it was established, "bridging academic research and practical demands", and conducts activities that effectively address not only the challenges facing modern society but also future challenges, aiming to achieve results that are both "useful for specific locations and situations" and "useful for the world". In addition, JTTRI is expanding and strengthening its international activities and cooperation with governments and government-related organizations, transport and tourism industries and academic societies over a wide area including ASEAN and India, as well as North America across the Pacific Ocean.

Brief History

1968: The Japan Transport Economics Research Center (JTERC) was founded in order to engage in comprehensive research activities on transport policies.
1991: The Japan International Transport Institute was established as an internal body of JTERC in order to strengthen global information gathering capabilities
1995: The Institute for Transport Policy Studies was established as an internal body of JTERC in order to strengthen policy study capabilities
1998: The JTERC name was changed to The Institution for Transport Policy Studies (ITPS) and its capabilities for research, policy advisory and other functions were expanded
2016: The ITPS name was changed to The Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute (JTTRI) for the purpose to strengthen research activities for a more comprehensive view




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