JTTRI-AIRO Logistics Symposium - Part 2
Aiming for Advanced Logistics in Thailand

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Date / Time Thu, Jun 15,2023 13:00-16:00 (Time Zone: ICT, UTC + 07:00) / 15:00-18:00 (JST)
Theme Opening Remarks:
SHUKURI Masafumi, Chairman, Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute (JTTRI)

Greeting from Guests of Honor:
Ministry of Transport Thailand(TBD)
OBA Yuichi, Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister, Embassy of Japan in Thailand

JTTRI-AIRO Presentation:
SAWADA Takaaki, Senior Research Fellow/ Executive Director, JTTRI-AIRO
SAKAI Keichi, Research Fellow, JTTRI-AIRO

Keynote Lecture:
Siradol SIRIDHARA, Assitant Professor, CLARE Mahidol University
Somsiri SIEWWUTTANAGUL, Lecture, CLARE Mahidol University
MORI Takayuki, Professor Emeritus, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences

Panel Discussion and Q&A:
Chackrit DUANGPRASTRA, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Chulalongkorn Business School, Chulalongkorn University
OTP, Ministry of Transport Thailand (TBD)
Bhanumas SRISUKH, Advisor to Logistics and Supply Chain Committee, Board of Trade of Thailand
SHIBASAKI Ryuichi, Associate Professor, Resilience Engineering Research Center, University of Tokyo
WAKE Soichiro, Executive Officer, Japan Railway Freight Company
TOKONAMI Kiyoshi, Chairman of Transport Division, Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok
Closing Remarks:
OKUDA Tetsuya, President,JTTRI-AIRO


Event Summary

JTTRI-AIRO has conducted research supported by a specific committee consisting of experts from government, industry, and academia from both Thailand and Japan to find solutions regarding the logistics issues in Thailand from three perspectives raised at the JTTRI-AIRO Symposium in June 2022, “improvement of efficiency of inland transportation and connectivity between transportation modes”, “utilization of ICT”, and “enhancement and strengthening of cooperation among logistics stakeholders”. In this symposium, JTTRI-AIRO will invite experts from government, industry, and academia to discuss how Thailand solves logistics issues through presentations, keynote speeches, and a panel discussion, for seeking strategies for strengthening the logistics network between neighboring countries and Japan.