An analysis of promoting tourism activities based on consumer behaviors and consciousness

  • Tourism

Term of Reasearch : 2009 - 2011


A current problem of Japanese tourism is that many people come not to perform tourism activities. In short, the number of tourists is reducing. One of the reasons is the world-wide dispersions. However, some people whom concern on tourism industries or organizations pointed that consumers' interest for tourism comes down now and the phenomena especially arises in younger generation. It is worried that whole future generation will not perform tourism activities because of the trend of present younger generation.
The purposes of this study are A) to analyze structures of the reduction and B) to consider the method to increase the number of tourists by analyzing tourists' interests. The main contents are as follows.
 1) Analyzing the reduction of tourism from public data
 2) Analyzing the relationship between tourists' behavior and their interests
 3) Analyzing the factor of change of the behavior and the interests

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