Research on long-term port strategy responding to structural changes in global logistics

  • Maritime

Term of Reasearch : 2009 - 2012


Recently, various changes, such as economic structure globalization and global warming issue, take place over distribution. And a worldwide acquisition competition of the international bulk freight such as the mineral wealth, energy, and food is intense in recent years.
In addition, successive countermeasures are necessary for the changes over distribution, considering the influence generated by worldwide economic crisis in 2008.
Strategic countermeasures based on a long-term vision are necessary to overcome such a situation.
On the other hand, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism is examining the strategy for strengthening global competitiveness of harbors in our country, based on the idea "Selection and concentration".
The restructuring of long term strategy concerning the harbors in our country is needed based on a basic analysis of international distribution.


In this research, first of all, the distribution network and the distribution cost of the world are analyzed.
Moreover, the future of the triple track distribution system (tracks, ships, and railways) is analyzed as a physical distribution system that doesn't depend on the cars excessively though low environmental impact, but stable operation is possible. In that case, the experience that the physical distribution system stopped for a long term is considered in the Great East Japan earthquake.
In addition, problems such as domestic efficiency improvements of the transport system and the reductions of the distribution cost generated between harbors and peripheral regions are analyzed.
And it aims to propose it to the policy based on this analysis.

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