The 16th JTTRI-KOTI Joint Seminar
~COVID-19 and Transportation Changing~

  • International Activities
  • Cooperation
  • Integrated Transport, Arterial Transport, Urban Transport


Organizer Japan Transport and Tourist Research Institute (JTTRI)
The Korea Transport Institute(KOTI)
Date / Time Mon, Nov 15,2021 13:10~18:10
The JTTRI-KOTI Joint Seminar is a seminar held by the Korea Transportation Institute (KOTI) and the Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute (JTTRI) to exchange views on research in the field of transportation and to promote the development of the two countries in this field.
The seminar has been held in the form of visits to both countries, with Japan and Korea serving as the organizing countries in turn. The 16th seminar was held online for the first time.
This year's seminar was closed to the public, but under the timely theme of "COVID19 and Transportation Changing," researchers from both Japan and Korea gave presentations in two sessions.
President OH and Vice President Sung from KOTI, President Shukuri, President for Research Yamauchi and many other researchers from both sides of the institute attended the seminar, and lively discussions were held.

1.Opening Remarks
Jaehak Oh (President, KOTI)
SHUKURI Masafumi (Chairman,JTTRI)

2.Research Projects in 2021
(Speaker) YAMAUCHI Hirotaka (JTTRI)
(Speaker) Dr. Nakmoon Sung(KOTI)

3.Transportation Changes from COVID-19
(Moderator) Dr. Nakmoon Sung(KOTI)
(Speaker) Dr. Seoyean LIM (Research Fellow, KOTI): COVID-19 Public Transportation Impacts & Response Strategy in Korea
(Speaker) Mr. ADACHI Hironobu (Research Fellow, JTTRI): Effects of COVID-19 on transportation users and transportation companies (JTTRI)
Discussion: all Participants

4.Brief introduction about JTTRI-AIRO
(Speaker) Mr. OKUDA Tetsuya (President for International Affairs, JTTRI)

5.How to response the COVID-19
(Moderator) YAMAUCHI Hirotaka (JTTRI)
(Speaker) Mr. KOBAYASHI Wataru (Research Fellow, JTTRI) : Regional transportation companies’ response since COVID-19 and public-private sector efforts
(Speaker) Dr. Jisun LEE (Associate Research Fellow, KOTI): Post-pandemic urban logistics market in Korea: Challenges and strategies for more inclusive development of its last-mile delivery job market
Discussion: all Participants

6.Discussion for Next Seminar
(Moderator) Dr. Hunki LEE (Research Fellow, KOTI)

7.Closing Remarks
Jaehak Oh (President, KOTI)
SHUKURI Masafumi (Chairman,JTTRI)