Implications of Integrating Sustainability on Supply Chain Network Design Decisions

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The 137th Transport Policy Colloquium(Online)


Date / Time Wed, Sep 30,2020 15:00 ~
Event Number The 137th
Lecturer Rajali MAHARJAN
Research Fellow, Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute (JTTRI)
Commentator SUZUKI Sadami
Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering & Economics School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Event Summary

Sustainability concerns in supply chain network design have attracted considerable attention in recent years.
Although the number of studies in the field is increasing, the number of studies accounting for all three components of sustainability i.e. economic, environmental and social components are still limited.Further, while there is a preconceived notion that sustainable supply chains are desirable, an illustration of their impact on the network configuration is missing.This study develops three models for supply chain network design: the first model focuses on the traditional efficiency based objective incorporating only economic component, the second model incorporates economic and environmental components of sustainability, and the third model incorporates economic, environmental and social components of sustainability to determine the optimal configuration of a supply chain network.Numerical analysis is conducted to demonstrate and compare the results of the three models and the impact of integrating sustainability in supply chain network design decisions.Finally, some implications for companies aiming to design new or redesign existing supply chain network is provided.